V. P. LaBella, D. W. Bullock, Z. Ding, C. Emery, A. Venkatesan, W. F. Oliver, G. J. Salamo, P. M. Thibado, and M. Mortazavi

We achieved a 92 % spin injection probability into a semiconductor at 77 K. This was achieved by using a STM tip to locally inject spin polarized electrons into a GaAs(110) surface. We also determined that a 5 nanometer high step on the surface disrupts the spin injection probability, lowering it to 16 %.

This image shows the spatially resolved spin injection probability for GaAs(110). The blue region is the flat GaAs(110) terrace and indicates a high spin injection efficiency (~92%). The red region is about 10 nm wide and corresponds to a 5 nm high step on the surface where the spin injection efficiency drops to (16%).